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I started seeing a chiropractor when I was a teenager. I went because I had pain right between my shoulder blades.

It seemed to help. In fact, I was so impressed that I decided to go to chiropractic school.

Sitting in school, spending hours poring over books had caused my back pain to return- bad.

I was getting adjusted more and more with less and less relief. I was so disheartened with the lack of results that I was about to drop out of school. click here to read more about the doctor


















Your body weight, your overall physical health and your mental attitude are very closely related. We at Backbone, LLC consider the whole person.
















Our Business


Our business foundation and roots have been in the Gig Harbor Washington for the past eight years as a doctor practicing the discipline of healing, and as the past President of the Gig Harbor Chamber of Commerce - 2010.  more



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We maintain a few blogs and social connections. You are welcome to join the conversation or just read the information.

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