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Lynn Guenard

Raised in Vallejo, California, my childhood memories consist of spending time collecting and cutting out paper dolls, plus constantly drawing, and coloring. Art classes in junior high school led to my major in college.

For many years I was partners in a woman's clothing store, Threadbare. The business took much of my time. In 1992, My family moved to Gig Harbor, which enabled me to paint full time. I have made a commitment to work daily in my studio.

Juicy and whimsical best describes my work. I am intrigued with the idea of metamorphosis; nostalgic feelings evoked from old trucks, retro printed fabrics, antique pottery, unusual chairs, shapely shoes and unconventional gardens. I incorporate color, texture and patterns as I paint, drawing inspiration from authors, dreams, and a love for textiles.



Reality can be difficult sometimes, so I prefer to reinvent it in my still life studies, adding fantasy, humor and objects of desire and interest. Changing or adding elements suggests transformation and allows me to tell a story, or to tell another side to a story.

Watercolor is my choice of medium. The layering of pigment develops transparencies. I flood the paper with water, achieving numerous watermarks that create an emotional atmosphere. The unpredictability in the painting process brings joy and surprise to me.

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