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The Art Space Gallery @ Backbone will present each artists' work for the entire month of their showing. We invite you to join us at 4:00 pm on the first Saturday of each month for a Reception, meet the Artist and the Art Walk all the while enjoy the paring of excellent fine wines and an array of wonderful cheese and fruits.


After the reception you are always welcome to drop by any time during the month to view the featured artist's work.

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Donna Carver, Artist & Curator

   Invitation card here


Donna Carver, a Pacific Coast Artist
and Gig Harbor resident...
read more about Donna



Kashia L. Hill, Photographer

  Invitation card here


My Passion for photography started
when I was a child...
read more about Kashia



Arvid Anderson, Multi Media


Arvid works in multi media, including sculpture and... 
read more about Arvid



Emily Maxson Porter, Watercolor, Acrylic
invitation card here

I create watercolor and acrylic paintings, specializing in landscapes, plants , and abstractions...

read more about Emily



Ann Stockdale, Oils, Dyes and Music

    Invitation card here

Ann started her creative life as a singer/actress and a graduate from the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts...
read more about Ann




Ann Stockdale, Oils, Dyes and Music Ann will be showing January also
read more about Ann






Scott Sawdon, Photography
    Invitation card here [1]  [2]
Photography to Soothe the Soul...
read more about Scott


Darlene Dihel, Sumi-e

Sumi-e, Japanese ink brush painting, captured my heart...

read more about Darlene



Marti Green


Marti was born to her passion for nature and...

read more about Marti



Elizabeth A Bloom, Artisan Jewelry Elizabeth Bloom’s lifelong passion
and love of jewelry has inspired her...
read more about Elizabeth


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