The PTLMS is used during your office visits in the initial phase of care. Its purpose is to very quickly eliminate muscle splinting (or guarding) to help stop the self-perpetuating cycle of inflammation.

When your spine was injured the surrounding muscles began splinting (guarding) to protect the area from further injury. The problem is that when this process goes unchecked, the muscles squeeze so tight that they compromise the blood flow to the area. This causes more pain resulting in more splinting which, of course, continues to compromise blood flow. The real problem with this is the normal metabolic waste does not get eliminated and fresh nutrients don’t get in. Imagine how bad it would feel to not eliminate waste (go to the bathroom) for an extended period of time.

Enter the PTLMS with its unique vertical movement (almost all massage tools go side to side) set at a precise speed stimulates the nervous system to very quickly relax the muscles and allow blood to surge through. As the blood flow returns to normal all the trapped metabolic waste and inflammatory chemicals get pushed out of the muscles and surrounding soft tissues. Fresh nutrient delivery begins and the healing process moves forward.

The only remaining challenge is ridding your body of the waste and chemicals. We recommend drinking plenty of water to assist with this process.