When the wobble chair is used twice daily for as little as 5-9 minutes each time it works to restore normal metabolism to the discs, ligaments, and joints. Clinical cases have been reported and documented of spinal disc degeneration actually reversing! Improved joint mobility and range of motion reduces pain and stiffness. Most importantly, the wobble chair contributes to healthy brain and nervous system metabolism.

Therapeutic Wobble Chair™It is designed to enhance spinal joint health and mobility by warming and softening the ligaments, cartilage, and discs allowing the joints to move through a full, healthy range of motion which brings fluid and nutrients into the joints and spinal discs. The wobble chair is used two (2) times per day from the time you start care and continues for as long as you want to enjoy the benefits of a healthy spine.

Ligaments, discs, and joints have no blood supply (avascular). The only way they get nutrients in and eliminate waste is through motion. The motion must be specific to affect the disc. The pivot point must be no larger than the center (nucleus) of the disc. This is why balls, boards, and inflatable cushions won’t improve disc conditions that the wobble chair will.
Nutrient delivery to discIn order for this to work with maximum effectiveness the motion must be done slowly enough for the disc to take in (imbibe) fluids and nutrients.

Moving your spine on the wobble chair will increase the circulation of the fluid that surrounds your brain and spinal cord, the cerebral-spinal fluid (CSF). This fluid carries nutrients, neurotransmitters and hormones that your brain and nerves need to be healthy. When these are circulated and refreshed by movement you will have a better mood and longer attention span. You will also find that your memory, focus, and cognitive function improve.

The Home Rehabilitation Program is a synergistic combination of the Wobble Chair, Cervical Traction Unit, Pettibon Weighting System, and Spinal Molding Fulcrums to get you the fastest results possible. Other home equipment/exercises may be prescribed as needed. Missing any part of the prescribed exercises equates to an exponential loss of results.