When you first come to our clinic one of our team will welcome you in. We have complimentary bottles of water waiting for you. We will ask you to complete our new patient forms before you meet with Dr. Cohen. We know that no one likes filling in forms so it is just the essentials for getting you started.


Next you will meet with Dr. Cohen to discuss your concerns and goals. We always offer this at no charge as we want to make sure we will be a good match before we even move forward with anything that costs you money.


Dr. Cohen will then expertly perform a thorough exam of your muscles, joints, and nervous system to find any areas that are not functioning well or are causing you pain. Special studies like measuring muscle activity (EMG), computerized range of motion, and computerized balance and posture assessment will help quantify your problem. Your condition may require x-rays to complete the evaluation, rule out more serious conditions, and make sure that each treatment option is the right one for you.


The report of findings is then scheduled so that Dr. Cohen can sit down with you after he has reviewed your exam findings, measured your spine on x-ray, and reviewed any other diagnostic tests that were done. This is the time when he will answer your questions about what was found, share what can be done to help, and come to an agreement on the treatment plan, including costs.