We focus on spinal rehabilitation. This means once accepted as a patient, rather than sitting in a waiting area, you check-in then begin warming up your spine in preparation for treatment.

Your spine is made up of white tissue (bones, discs, etc.) and red tissues (muscles). The biggest difference between the two types of tissue is blood flood (red has it, white does not). Your spinal discs are the cushions between vertebrae. When the discs become dehydrated, they lose their fullness and can become painful. Hydrating spinal discs requires a pumping action that opens and closes the discs.

We will teach you how to use the Therapeutic Wobble Chair and Cervical Traction devices to warm up your spine prior to care. We have found it more effective to take the spine through ranges of motion that help hydrate discs and prepare the spine for your treatment. As you move through specific movements besides pumping fluid into your discs is stretches the muscles that hold your spine in position. Many find relief from stiff necks and backs by going through these motions.