Your feet, particularly the big toe and the inside of the sole provide major sensory input for your brain to balance your posture and body. Notice; if you lean just a little bit forward, the forefoot pushes back to keep you balanced. Kinetic Technology™ (a wedge underneath first metatarsal and big toe) is what makes ProKinetics different. If your brain is the computer, the wedge is like the software: It changes when and how the foot feels the ground so new and different signals are sent to the brain. The brain determines that the muscles need to push back against the ground to balance the body as it always does, but now it happens earlier and it happens with the first metatarsal and big toe, and that’s exactly what we want—we want the big toe to do it’s job.

Although the first metatarsal that connects to the big toe is the strongest bone in the forefoot, studies have demonstrated that most people do not push off using the first metatarsal bone as they should. Instead they carry most of their weight on their second metatarsal almost under the middle of the foot.

You literally walk like you’re on ice skates, so no wonder you’re unstable and off balance.

Just like on skates, some people tilt in – over pronate, while other people tilt out – supinate. It’s not hard to imagine how tired your legs and body would be if you were on skates all day. Well… most of us literally are!

The wedges tell your brain to bring the inside of your foot down to the ground earlier without your arch flattening out or your ankles rolling in, so you’ll be standing and walking on a stable tri-pod instead.

Once your foot works more like a tri-pod and your body is stable, it feels no need to adjust all the muscles all the time, so finally, your body can relax! No more shin splints, tired calf muscles or aching back. Once your feet are right, your body mechanics improve, so good bye to knee pain, tight IT bands, Sciatica–even shoulder and neck pain.

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