Dr. Cohen has been providing second opinion consultations for injured workers, car accident victims, or anyone who needs a fresh look at an injury that doesn’t seem to be resolving.

Injured Workers – Dr. Cohen has been an “approved consultant examiner” by the Washington Department of Labor & Industry for over a decade. He can evaluate an injured worker and help ensure the care is appropriate, work with your treating doctor for care plan strategies, or complete impairment assessments.

Car Accident Victims – Your attorney will rest easy knowing you are properly cared for and will love working with a doctor who knows the med-legal system. State of the art diagnostic assessment, computerized posturography, electrodiagnostic muscle testing, balance testing, wireless range of motion studies, and digital x-rays all help make sure your case can have the best outcome.

Chronic Pain or Unresolved Injury – If you haven’t been satisfied with your results then maybe you just need a fresh perspective. Maybe you have been dealing with the same problem for so long that it is just hard to see any other approach to dealing with it. Enter Dr. Cohen. With a unique blend of structural correction and chiropractic neurology, you can often find results you didn’t think were possible.

No matter the reason, a quick meeting with Dr. Cohen could change the direction of your care and get you the results you deserve.

If you have any questions about our services, please contact us today at (253) 858-2474.